Technical Training

To help smoothly integrate assistive software into your workplace, we offer technical training to help employees excel in their role.

What is it?

At ATTrain, we can provide a range of assistive software, as well as expert training for both paid and free assistive software solutions. This encompasses speech-to-text software such as Dragon Professional, text-to-speech software like TextHelp Read and Write, and creative mind-mapping and report writing software such as IdeaMapper Pro amongst a wide range of other bespoke software.

To gain the confidence to utilise these to the best of one’s abilities, we recommend some Technical Training for these software packages. A thoughtfully created and tailored plan from grasping the basics of the software to developing more complex proficiencies, as well as exploring how to make the best of the technology within the working environment, will allow the trainee to develop a core understanding of the technology, and build confidence to make use of it going forward. Proficiency in the use of the software will help to negate any work-based difficulties.


  • Dragon Professional
  • TalkType
  • TextHelp Read and Write Gold
  • ClaroRead
  • IdeaMapper Pro
  • MindView
  • MindGenius
  • MindJet
  • Inspiration
  • A range of Dictaphones (incl. Philips and Olympus)
  • A range of Smart Pens and Tablets (incl. Remarkable2, NeoPen, and Live Scrible)Free Assistive Software