Assistive Technology and Training is a leading provider of in-work support through assessments, training and software.

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Disability Management Services

End to end support for all HR and employee needs.

Workplace needs assessments that can identify reasonable adjustments which can be implemented to support employees in the workplace.
Training Solutions
Both online or in person, we offer a wide array of training packages that are designed to support both employers and employees in the workplace.
Assistive Technology
We are proud to offer a range of software solutions from Dragon (Speech to text), to Microbreak (Employee Health and Wellbeing).

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Assistive Technology and Training covers nationwide, both in person and remote, to ensure we can offer our services directly to those who need it. Our team of dedicated assessors are based throughout the country to guarantee that there is always support in an area that requires it. Our philosophy of inspiring change could not be achieved without our large network of assessors and offerings.

Workplace Needs Assessment
Workplace Needs Assessment


Work based assessments are offered privately and can be tailored to help develop and grow our clients. These cover SPLD’s, Physical, Neurological and sensory conditions. The aim of this is to assess and subsequently recommend a solution that benefits both the employee and the employer for a better working arrangement.


"It was really nice to have not only the support of my colleagues but also a space in which they felt comfortable sharing their own difficulties in life. I cannot express enough the professionalism of our leader for the session, and Sian’s ability to create a warm, welcoming, and open learning environment."


Registration Service Performance Coach

“It was interesting, I learnt about the subject, including how little I knew and it was presented in an engaging manner.”


Care Quality Commission

“Before my assessment I felt nervous about the process, but after speaking to the assessor they made me feel more comfortable and fully understood about the difficulties I have with work, and I did not feel like I had to convince them that my problems are real.”

“I think it was really interesting, in depth but not overwhelming with info, and gave us some information to build on going forwards. I liked how it was split up too it kept the flow going and didn’t feel as long as it was.”


Care Quality Commission

“I really enjoyed it. Very informative and easy to comprehend. I feel I am much more aware of the impact these can have on a person’s day to day life. I love anything that makes me stop and think! No negative at all I am so pleased I put my name forward.”


Care Quality Commission

"Ellen was wonderful, taught her Dragon which has changed the way she works and actually feels this has kept her in a job - actually shed a tear of joy at the difference it is making- she is a credit to the company."

"I just wanted to say that he was brilliant. I was so nervous and he immediately put me at ease. He was able to ask questions sensitively, listen to what I said and reassure me. He had a great knowledge of the issues I might be having and how to support me. I was very impressed. "

"Aside from Rachel’s professionalism, knowledge and broad skill set, something which particularly stood out to me is her demeanour. She is likeable, relatable and easy to talk to. This provided me with a sense of trust and enabled me to be open, honest and vulnerable in sessions, which I feel deepened the work, which we were able to do. I cannot speak highly enough of Rachel and thank her deeply for the service, support and encouragement which she has provided."

"Everyone found Sam so interesting and they could see how much he enjoyed the subject which made the Disability awareness course even more enjoyable."

"I would like to express my gratitude to Laura, I have completed all my training with her today , Laura was very well match for me, her delivery style and patients in explaining coping strategies, will have a lifelong effect on how I manage difficult situation as and when they occur in the future. Most methods she taught me i have already implemented in my work place. I must admit that i have sung her praises at work who have noticed positive changes."

"Chloe was amazing she understood my condition as well as my role, I actually asked for her in the further sessions as felt she was the best one to support me with other aspects of my training, I learnt a great deal from her."

"I did have some knowledge of dyslexia prior to the course but the session with Callum improved my understanding and awareness significantly, it was very interesting and informative. Thank you."

"Sian was brilliant, the technology I'm now using is a game changer and she made learning the process easier."

"What a fantastic trainer Gary was! Extremely friendly, humorous and pitched the training at the right level, which meant I got the most out of it and it was enjoyable, thank you."

“Our assessor was FANTASTIC, very helpful and listened attentively. Had lots of great ideas for my working.”

“The support was amazing, equipment will help tremendously at work on a daily basis and it made me feel valued. Service provided was quick, effective, friendly and all my needs were met.”


HM Revenue and Customs
Job Centre Plus
University of Leeds


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